Meet the Versanos


MEET THE Versanos

When David and I first met, we immediately discovered we had some strong characteristics in common, our love for our families, our passion for photography and traveling.
After working for different studios, we really wanted to imprint our own vision, style and relationship with the couples we work with. That is when we decided to start this adventure together and it’s been an amazing journey ever since.

Over the span of 10 years and hundreds of weddings we have learned what matters most on a wedding day is Your story.
Getting to know you and your story are the reasons why we truly enjoy documenting all those heartfelt moments and memories while making you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire process.

based in Philadelphia, available worldwide

"We cannot thank you enough for all the time spent and your help with planning from the day we booked, our engagement shoot and now our wedding day."

Meet David

Growing up we spent every summer immersed in Italian culture, flavors and traditions. It made me appreciate what is the most important. Family!

As a kid we would always get together around the dinner table for a homemade pasta dish while listening to my grandparents’ stories and memories. This is why I love to witness the love and bond that families have. My easy-going personality allows me to capture beautiful timeless images with a vision that they will live on forever. When not photographing weddings, I enjoy traveling, exploring different locations and finding new creative ways to work with light.

Meet Gabriela

I’m Mexican and in our culture, we are all about family, food and celebrations. From Christenings, First Communions, Birthday Piñatas, Quinceañeras, Weddings, you name it! Everything is a reason to celebrate for us and I always loved freezing those moments in time through photography. I tend to be obsessive about the little details, but a little OCD never hurts anybody, right? I love finding beauty everywhere whether traveling to a new country or just walking around the city. I’m sure that if we pay close attention, there is always something amazing to admire around wherever we are.